About Americare Lodge

Starting in the 1980s America realized that another choice for aging seniors needed to be found. Individuals who needed help with their activities of daily living, but did not have a family member living close at hand, had limited options. Their only choices until that time seemed to be living at risk or living in a nursing home. And so Assisted Living facilities were developed, providing seniors not needing skilled nursing care the option of living in a home setting where assistance was available.

By late 1990s Deb and Dean Engen along with Dan and Wendy Winger saw the need for a facility in the Remer area for older individuals who were not in need of the services provided by a nursing home, but were struggling to stay in their current homes. Deb and Dean had past experience working in a 10 unit care facility and Deb worked for 39 years as an Licensed Practical Nurse. The Engens and Wingers partnered to build AmeriCare Lodge.

In September of 2012 the Stefan Family purchased Laurel Lodge.  They renamed the lodge Americare Lodge as they hope to build a larger footprint within the Assisted Living field.  They purchased the facility to continue to build on the previous owners success and care for the guests living at the Lodge.  The Stefan’s and the team at Americare are excited to deliver an outstanding experience for all of our guests.  We are very happy to call this business our own and that it offers the outstanding care needed in Remer and the surrounding area.

Set on 7.3 wooded acres of land, the property features two ponds, flower gardens, and deer trails, providing residents with entertainment from the wildlife that visits the grounds. The building’s interior has two common living room areas, one with a huge rock fireplace, a dining room, kitchen, full bath, and screened porch. Each resident has private rooms with a 1/2 bath and closet.

AmeriCare Lodge understands that Seniors need varying degrees of help as they age.  Our certified staff will provide services to our senior residents in a caring and respectful manner.  Americare Lodge’s goal is to maintain a full life for them while they are living with us.


The Americare Way:

Recently a friend asked me how Mom liked Americare; and how did we like it. I told her Mom is happy and very well cared for which makes me very happy. I told her I could not be more pleased with our choice. She then asked, “Well, how is it different?” “Hmmm, let me think about that.”

Well, the residents and staff are a family. Mom is not a number. She is an independent person who needs a little help now and then. The staff at Americare don’t just listen to her needs and see that they are met; they are a loving, caring group of ladies. They treat Mom as if she were their mother/grandmother; often just sitting down and chatting about the day, a book recently read or how the Twins did last night.

“What about the food? Does she like it?” The meals are wonderful according to Mom! Almost every day I hear about some special meal or dessert from the day before or the blueberry pancakes she had that morning. Having a good home-cooked meal rather than ‘institutional’ food makes a big difference. And, sitting down to the large table with other residents is a nice social time. Although early morning coffee and breakfast at her own pace are important, scheduled lunch and dinner are equally important.

“But what does she do all day?” Oh my goodness, there are days I can’t even get her on the phone! Scheduled exercise class Tuesday & Thursday. Pastor visits every Wednesday. Bible study every Thursday. Beauty Shop once a week. Plus special events such as birthday parties, spring tea, Christmas party, New Years party, musical guests, Bingo, shopping trips, seasonal tours (fall leaves/Christmas lights), delivering gifts (tied blankets/baby baskets) they have made to local facilities and going out to lunch. She also gets a foot message, pedicure & manicure as needed. They are kept busy at Americare; but if she just feels like watching TV or reading, that’s OK too.

Most important is that Mom lives close to my brother and I so that we can visit regularly and take her on outings ourselves. We are very appreciative of the care Mom receives.

– Jean O.