Additional Services

What other services does AmeriCare Lodges provide access to?

AmeriCare Lodge goes beyond providing day-to-day assistance for our seniors. Other services include connecting residents with casework programs, medication management, scheduling appointments, and simple bill paying assistance.

caseworkCasework Programs

In keeping with AmeriCare Lodge’s goal to help seniors maintain a full life for them while they are living with us, we can connect our residents with casework programs. These casework programs help individuals with their legal and financial needs. Social workers and Powers of Attorneys will work with the clients to help determine their specific needs, the corresponding costs, and the options available to them.


sm_health-icon_tealMedication Management

Sometimes a reminder is needed to take medication at a certain time. Over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications can interact negatively with certain foods or other medication.  AmeriCare Lodge has a registered nurse on staff to provide medication management and monitor how an individual is responding to their medications. This nurse is on call whenever not on site to assist with medical needs as they arise.


scheduleSchedule Appointments

AmeriCare Lodge certified staff members can help residents by scheduling appointments for medical or dental care and sit in on those appointments if desired. We can also schedule other types of appointments as needed.

Help with bill paying can also be provided.